Thursday, March 5, 2009

One More Thing

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Blog Site

So I'm not using Blogger any more for my main blog site. I've swtched to WordPress. My new site URL is:

It's a pretty page. Cat is even pictured. Check it out. I will be discontinuing the Blogger postings.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Just Another Alt

I couldn't get on BT Sunday, the queue was several hundred deep. I had planned to play my new hunter when I thought, "What am I doing I already have a hunter and at a higher level than any of my other toons." So off to Velen I went to log into my first ever toon, Valynda.

What a hoot. Of course after I got her new bags and a hair cut we went straight to the battle ground. I missed my hunter. I don't remember her being fun before.

We went to Stranglethorne and got her some new pets, raptor and tiger. That rapter rocks.
Finished some quests I started 6 months ago and did an AH run for new companion pets.

The economy on Velen is crazy out of whack.

I've got to work on my hunter for the Apocalypse guild, I really miss the hunter pets.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've discovered the battlegrounds. OMG
I still don't have a clue what to do or what the objective is (I know I'm a noob) but I loved it and I'm going back hehe.

I've got research to do. :)

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Altitis Strikes Again

So while my two main toons Val and Cat are aquiring some rest time I decided to indulge my other favorite pastime. I created another apt. Yep I did.

I started a hunter darn if I even know her name right now. She's on BT and Im planning on specing her for SV unless the new patch is favorable to BM again.

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Saturday Rambling and QQ

So it's almost noon server time on Borean Tundra. My guild is probably all assembling in Mulgore for our first group event. But am I going to be there? No! I am really bummed. I know it's just a game (in my head) but my heart is in it and I'm forming a social identity there that I don't have in RL. I know how sad is that.

There are supposed to be races, foot and horse racing. And all sorts of general merry making. I'm sure someone will bring alcohol. Which reminds me I did see our illustrious guild leaders in BootyBay and Jade was intoxicated hmmmmm. Sampling the goodies early.

Ok done with the QQing.

I know I haven't been vigilant about keeping up with my writing. Work has been brutal and after work, well in a previous entry I did mention I have home drama that I sometimes deal with. Hence, why I'm missing my guild's event today, whaaaa!

I did get to play both my Lock and Druid this week and got Cat my Lock up to 24 yeah. We're almost to artisan on inscription but that has been an expensive adventure and nobody buys the darn Glyphs or scrolls anyway. They are always returned from the AH. :( So I give them to my guildies, which is only right anyway, or vendor them.

I played Cat till all her rested time was up (2 level jump) then jumped over to my Druid Valentyra and played out her rested time. I recently respec'd her to feral and am having a much easier time with my quests. She's at 25 now and I'm learning how and when to use bear or cat forms depending on the type of mob I'm up against. I don't always choose correctly but it's getting better.

Oh darn it's noon server time the party is starting. I hate unsupportive home drama.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Long Grind

I'm bound and determined to level up. I'm grinding away at the quests and taking advantage of rested time for the experience bonus it gives. Since I can't play as much as some peeps I need all the advantage I can get.

To this end I'm alternating between my Lock on BT and my Druid on Velen. Both are level 24 so alternating between them makes sense, to me anyway.

I've learned alot though I'm sure my daughter would argue I'm a horrible noob.

The guild is having it's first event in Blood Hoof village this weekend and I'm bummed I may not get to be there. I really am trying to be part of this group but it's hard when you can't play when everyone else is on. Though I guess i'm surprised to hear some guildies were asking after me?

I get dissapointed too easily when I try to do runs and it seems I get left behind. I really need direction till I get the hang of it and as noob (sort of) I guess I'm really bad at it.

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